Vivo V9 Pro Review

Vivo V9 Pro's direct combat is with Xiaomi Me A2 and Realm 2 Pro The price of Vivo V9 Pro is very aggressive VivoV9 Pro includes Snapdragon 660 processor and 6 GB RAM

Vivo V9 Pro Review
Vivo V9 Pro Review

When Vivo V9 was launched in India, it was the first Android smartphone to come up with the Nokia in this market. There were 4 GB RAM with Qualcomm Snapdragon 626 processor. After reviewing this phone, we came to the conclusion that it is quite powerful compared to the rest. But in a few days in the price range of 20,000 rupees, the more vigorous phones were dropped, after which Vivo V9 seemed a little expensive.

For example, Xiaomi Mi A2 (review) comes with more Powerful Snapdragon 660 processor and its price is 16,999 rupees. Xiaomi Poco F1 handset is a powerhouse device found at an initial price of Rs 20,999. In response to the growing challenges, the price of Vivo V9 (review) was cut. Now the company has dropped Vivo V9 Pro into the market. It comes with much better hardware and costs 17,990 rupees. Has VivoV9 Pro become a better package after hardware gets better? Let's know ...

Vivo V9 Pro Design

Vivo V9 Pro and VivoV9 are similar in appearance. It's slim. The grip is good because of the curved edges. Like the VivoV9, VivoV9 Pro is top-notch in the display of the display. In this same notch, earpiece, sensors, LED notifications and selfie cameras have got a place. Notch is very compact. Leaving the lower part, the screen is extremely thin on the other side. Vivo has been able to control the weight of this phone, it is 150 grams.

At the bottom, there are 3.5mm headphone jacks, micro USB ports, and loudspeaker grills. We did not like the headphone jack position. It is because of the inconvenience of playing games in landscape mode. There is a SIM tray slot on the left side of the device which has a dual nano SIM and a separate microSD card slot. There are power and volume buttons on the left side. It is easy to reach them. Nothing at the top.

Vivo V9 Pro has dual camera setup on the back side. This is also a single LED flash and fingerprint sensor. By the way, the premium material is used to make most of the device in this price range. But Vivo has used plastic in V9 Pro. The VivoV9 Pro has been made available in Black and Nebula Purple colors. We've reviewed the Black variant. To provide the premium look, the camera module has been given the Golden Highlight in the branding of RIM, fingerprint scanner and Vieu. The phone comes with the first screen protector. Apart from this, there is a transparent cover in the retail box. In the retail box, you will find earphones along with a 10-watt charger.

Vivo V9 Pro Specifications and Software

The main difference in the VivoV9 and VivoV9 Pro is the Snapdragon 660 processor. Vivo has decided to use more powerful chipsets this time and has 6 GB RAM with it. Inbuilt storage is 64 GB and if needed, up to 256 GB MicroSD card can be used. 6.3 inch IPS display is full-HD + resolution. Viewing angles are good. There is not much difficulty in reading out on the outside screen.

Apart from the Powerful Processor, there have been some other changes in the Pro Model. Vivo has set up a 13 megapixel + 2-megapixel camera with its VVV 9 smartphone, while the V9 model comes with 16 megapixels + 5-megapixel shooter. At the same time, the VVV 9 Pro for Selfie comes with a 16-megapixel sensor while the VVO 9 has a 24-megapixel camera. Bluetooth 5.0, Dual-Band Wi-Fi, GPS, GLONASS, USB-OTG and FM Radio are provided for connectivity. For both the SIM 4G VoLTE support is available.

Vivo V9 Pro comes with Android 8.1 Oreo, the custom font on it is OS4. Our app store is equipped with the September security patch.

V9 Pro comes with Face Unlock. It's as fast as a fingerprint sensor in unlocking this phone. If you want, you can lock apps and games with fingerprint sensor or face unlock. You will get customization like motorbike mode in which you can resume the incoming call and send the call automatically to the caller. App clone is similar to feature dual apps.

This phone has many features. But many apps are already installed on this. The good thing is that you can leave most of these apps.

Vivo V9 Pro Performance, Battery Life and Cameras

VivoV9 Pro comes with a powerful processor. This is done only by using the phone. During multitasking, we did not realize the slow down of the phone. Apps and games loaded faster Due to the 6GB RAM, you will be able to do many multi-task tasks.

VivoV9 Pro's 3260 mAh battery lasted 10 hours and 8 minutes in our HD Video Loop Test. The phone runs PUBG in the media settings. The phone did not get hot when playing the air-conditioned room. Battery consumption is not too high. Power saving mode became active at 9 p.m. when using the phone for a lot of time. The battery will run more than one day in common use.

This phone's camera app is similar to Vivo's other smartphone. You will find toggles for HDR, Portrait and Live Photo You can also switch to panorama mode or professional mode if you wish. Beauty mode is available for primary and selfie cameras.

Vivo has reduced the camera resolution in VivoV9 Pro. It appears that the company has taken this decision to manage the pressure in the budget due to the powerful processor. Photos taken with the camera of V9 Pro have never been good and sometimes bad. Exposure in daylight was accurate and it focused only on our wishes. At first glance, the picture looked fine, but the lack of detail was reflected in zooming in. Macros came with a shot detail, but it took more time to focus on our wishes. Eg Detection in portrait mode was ever correct and never wrong.

Low light camera performance was worse than average. The noise was in the control, but the pictures came from Grenney. With Vivo V9 Pro you will be able to take beautiful selfies. The screen flash works out in low light. Portrait mode is also available for selfie camera and its edge detection is good.

With both V9 Pro's camera setup you will be able to record up to 1080 pixels of video. This is shocking because VVO V9 has 4 video recording support. Due to no video stabilization, the footage shakes. We found that you can activate the beautification mode during video record or video call. Camera sensor replacement does not seem to have any major impact on the output.

Our Decision

Vivo has kept the price of V9 Pro more aggressive than other products, including VivoV9. This phone has a powerful processor and more RAM does not have trouble with multitasking. But this time different camera sensors have been used to keep the price low. The good thing is that it has not had a big impact on camera performance. The Vivo V9 Pro of Rs 17,990 is cheaper than the VivoV9, which still has a list of Rs 18,990. In such a situation, we can suggest you buy Pro Model without hesitation.


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