Starting on August 7, Vivo's Freedom Cornwall will only get Rs 1947 in NEX 44,990

Cells will be launched online and customers can avail of Attractive discounts, coupons and cashback by going to


Chinese mobile maker Vivo is launching 72-hour special cell for this year's 72nd Independence Day celebrations. The company has named this cell as Freedom Cornwall. This cell will be launched online and customers can avail of Attractive Discounts, Coupons and Cashback by going to This cell will continue till 9 a.m. on August 7 and start till  August 9.

During this 72 hours, the NEX and V9 smartphones will have a flash cell. During the flash cell, customers can make these smartphones their own in just Rs.1947. In addition, accessories like Vievo's earphones, USB cables will be available in just 72 rupees.

There are more offers: 

Customers can also get cashback of up to Rs 4000 on selected VPV's selected smartphone models during this three-day Freedom Cornwall. On the purchase of smartphones, the company is offering zero-cost EMI option for 12 months to customers. With this, the purchase of NEX, V9 and X21 will be available to customers in a Bluetooth earphone free of Rs 1200. Apart from this, the company is also offering a coupon of thousands of Rupees on the purchase of Vivo V7 + and V7.

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