Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 and Tab A 10.5 launch, will get 7300mAh battery; Price starts from Rs 44,500

The company claims that Galaxy Tab S4 can multitasking and open up to 20 apps at a time.


South Korean electronics company Samsung launched two new tablets Galaxy Tab S4 and Galaxy Tab A 10.5 on Wednesday. Galaxy Tab S4 is a premium tablet, while Tab A 10.5 is a budget tablet. In order to give users a choice of desktop in Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, the company has also provided S-Pen with Dex integration in it. While such features are not available in Galaxy Tab A 10.5, it comes in the same way as a simple tablet.

They will get 7300mAh battery: In both of these tablets,

The company has given 7300mAh power battery and claims that its battery can be backed up all day after full charge. The Galaxy Tab S4 comes in two variants, its first variant is only WiFi support while the other variant also supports 4G LTE, that is, it can be used by simging it.

- Also comes with Tab S4 Face Recognition Technology. Through which the device can be unlocked through face or eye only. Also, apps and private files can also be secured through it.

FEATURES                              Tab S4                            Tab A 10.5

Display                                                         10.5 inches                                        10.5 inches
Processor                                                     snapdragon 835                                  snapdragon 450
RAM                                                              4 GB                                                   3 GB
Storage                                                         64 GB / 256 GB                                   32 GB
Front camera                                                8 megapixel                                        5 megapixels
Rear camera                                                 13 megapixel                                       8 megapixels
Battery                                                         7300mAh                                             7300mAh
Connectivity                                               Wifi, LTE                                                4G LTE, Wifi

What is their price?

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4's 64 GB variant is priced at $ 650 (about 44,500 rupees), while the price of 256 GB variant is priced at $ 750 (about 51,200 rupees). The company has not yet disclosed the price of the Galaxy Tab A 10.5.

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